Vaping After Tooth Extraction; Good or Bad?

vaping after tooth extraction

Having your tooth extracted is always an intrusive and discomforting experience, not only because it can be painful but also because the recovery process requires you to use your mouth as little as possible for a while, which can be quite challenging. A lot of people have questions relating to whether vaping after tooth extraction is safe/healthy, whenever you get a tooth removed by a dentist you’re told not to eat hard foods and not to move your jaw too much because of the fact that dentists rely on a blood clot that forms over the opening to keep the wound from bleeding.

This blood clot also prevents food debris and other particles from entering the wound and hindering the healing process, but unfortunately, it can be displaced quite easily. After teeth removal using straws and smoking is also discouraged by dentists for at least 72 hours because any sucking actions made by the mouth can also dislodge the blood clot. So is it safe after teeth removal? The answer to this question depends on what kind of E-Cigarette you are using, the vapor itself can’t cause any harm to your exposed gum, but if you’re using an E-Cigarette that requires you to pull on it harder to inhale vapor, then you should wait a bit before you start it again.

However, if you can’t put it on hold for a little bit, then you can configure your E-Cigarette to produce more vapor by using a powerful battery, tweaking its coil or making other modifications. One great way to enhance vapor production is to introduce more airflow into your device, this not only increases the amount of vapor being produced but also makes vapor more flavorful. Making an E-Cigarette more aerated is quite simple, all you have to do is get a modified RDA and install it into your device.

By increasing vapor production you decrease the amount of effort it takes to suck in vapor, many people state that even though their dentists told them not to smoke for a while after teeth removed, they still managed to do it without any complications by just drawing lightly on their cigarettes. While vaping is quite different from smoking, the basics are the same; suck in order to inhale, so as long as you draw lightly on your E-Cigarette and tweak it a bit so that you don’t have to settle for less vapor being inhaled, you shouldn’t have any problems with it after having any number of teeth extracted.