The Best Vapes For Big Clouds of Smoke

There is no denying that vaping seems to be all the rage in the modern day and age, from people who just want to vape because it’s cool to ardent fans who are willing to invest a lot of money in vaping machines. The trend has been around for over a year, and still going strong.

If you are one of those fans who is willing to spend a big chunk of money on extremely powerful machines that will let you blow huge clouds of smoke then you should definitely check out these best vapes for big clouds. Sure, it may sound useless and pointless to a lot of people, but for many, it actually happens to be a hobby.

In case you don’t know, a vaping machine that can blow big smoke clouds has a higher VG content, the higher the VG content, the more smoke the machine can blow. You can actually modify the cheaper machines to be able to handle the higher VG content, but the steps can be complicated, to say the least.

With that in mind, there are some fantastic, high-end devices that you can buy to make bigger, denser clouds. The focus of the list is on that. Below are the best 5 vaping devices that you can purchase and use for bigger clouds of smoke.

So, Here Are The Best Vapes For Big Clouds…

Kanger CUPTI-2

Kanger CUPTI-2The first machine on the list is the Kanger Cupti-2, now the thing with more powerful vaping machines is that they are much bigger than the smaller counterparts. That is mainly because they need the power to drive that VG content. The same goes for Kanger CUPTI-2; it’s unapologetically big, sturdy, and looks quite intimidating.

It’s available in three different colors for those who prefer to stand out and is powered by two large batteries that power this monster. The build quality is solid, and there’s a large display in the middle that will give you all the essential information. You also get a rather large button that can never be missed.

Using the CUPTI-2 is rather easy, from loading the batteries, and charging up this bad boy, everything is simplified to provide the user the best possible experience. The device can either be charged using a micro USB cable, or an external adapter based on your preference.

There is an option of different modes of operation, you can either go for variable wattage mode or temperature control. The choice is entirely yours, and this allows you to use your vape machine the way you want to use.

There is just the right amount of customization available in this vaping machine that makes it one of the best available in the market. While people may think it’s not powerful enough, the raw performance tells us a different story. The Kanger CUPTI-2 is one of the top vaping machines for people who want to make big smoke clouds.

Joyetech Cuboid 200

best vapes for big cloudsThe good thing about buying a powerful vaping machine is that there are several options available in the market. This means that you are not necessarily limited to just one brand and can choose from various different options, to begin with. One of the best options available in the market is the Joyetech Cuboid 200.

Much of the features are like the CUPTI-2 including the specifications and the ranges. However, the body on the Cuboid 200 is a lot sleeker as compared to some of the other options available in the market. Another good thing is that it comes with 510 threading, so in case you want to use attachments with the same threading, it should not be an issue.

The wattage mode on the Joyetech Cuboid 200 is one of the highest ones I have seen and can go as far as 200w, this is impressive, and even alarming for some. However, the company has included some protection features that prevent something wrong from happening. So, if you are worried about something happening because of higher wattage, then don’t worry; there’s enough protection to give you a peaceful state of mind.

Overall, the Joyetech Cuboid 200 is a beautiful vaping machine that is capable of releasing high clouds into the air thanks to the powerful hardware that goes into it. It’s beautiful, sturdy, and very powerful.

Wismec Reuleaux RX200S

Wismec decided to do something amazing and teamed up with one of the biggest names in the vape market, JayBo himself. This collaboration led to the release of Wismec Reuleaux RX200S, one of the finest vaping machines available in the market, and one of the most powerful as well.

The device is big and sturdy with enough options available for you to go with, on top of that, there are several color options available as well if you want the customization to be one of the best options available in a vaping machine.

The device also ditches the smaller, traditional displays in favor of something that is big, and bold. Sure, the smaller displays are good too, but the bigger display will get everything done but with a proper statement.

Another thing I really like about this device is that I can use it with either two cells, or a third one as well if I want more power and spike the wattage to an astounding 200w. Sure, the higher you go, the more vaping power you get, so at this point, it’s all a matter of preference.

You can also keep a check on regular firmware updates for better performance. The only gripe here is that some regularly supported attachments won’t work on this, but other than that, it is a pretty capable vaping machine that can do wonders for a lot of people.

Smok H-Priv

One thing about the company behind Smok H-Priv is that they know how to present. The presentation for the devices is almost as perfect as it can get, and it’s not even something that should bother anyone in the market who is looking for a good vaping machine.

If you find yourself searching for a vaping machine that is both good in performance, and even better in looks, then nothing can top up the Smok H-Priv by Smoktech. It’s hands down, one of the best vaping machines I have had the chance to use, and while it might be pricey for some people, it’s worth every penny for many people.

Despite its small size, the H-Priv is actually among the most powerful vaping machines available in the market, it is capable of delivering an astounding 220w, allowing you to create some of the densest clouds of smoke you can possibly imagine.

Sure, with a wattage so high, there are safety concerns, but the good thing is that proper measures have been taken to ensure that the user isn’t exposed to any sort of harm that may injure them or cause some other discomfort. The reason why I am mentioning this is that there have been cases in which poor electric circuits were used in the vaping machines, causing an overall harm of a major degree.

Nothing as such is found in the Smok H-Priv as all the safety measures are in effect, and work as they are intended to. So, you don’t have to worry about getting injured.

Council of Vapor Tempest 200

I can imagine a lot of you raising your eyebrows over the fact that there is a company called Council of Vapor that is known for making some of the higher end vaping machines. But it’s true, and they are known for their fantastic approach to some of the best vaping machines available in the market.

As the number in the model suggests, the vaping machine can go as high as 200w, not the highest I have seen in the market, but that’s not the point, the point is just how well the machine can actually handle the wattage, and it’s pretty good at that, to begin with.

You get all the necessary features that you usually look for in a vaping machine, and they are more than enough to keep most of the ardent users around for a long time. The vaping device is easy to use with no rocket science involved at all.

The vaping machine offers three different settings for three different types of usage. So, anyone who is concerned whether or not they are going to be able to customize their experience of using it, don’t worry, the options are certainly there, to begin with.

Last but not the least, I must commend the build quality on the Tempest 200 because it is one of the finest ones I have seen in a long time. It’s sturdy, and premium as it gets.


In conclusion, I would only say that for anyone who is interested in getting better, more powerful vaping machines, the options are there provided you want to spend the money on them. Sure, for the hardcore enthusiasts, the amount of money that needs to be spent might not be all that much, but if you are not a passionate vape lover, then you can go for something that isn’t as powerful.

The choice ultimately comes to you.