Mech Mods Vs Box Mods For E-Cigarettes

mech mods vs box mods
E-Cigarettes have become popular incredibly fast ever since they came out a couple of years ago, these devices have provided millions of people with a friendlier and healthier alternative to smoking and have also appealed to non-smokers who simply like to vape. One of the many reasons why E-Cigarettes have become so popular is that they provide users with plenty of options for customizability as well. However, this can be confusing for people who are new to vaping, especially when it comes down to mech mods vs box mods.

E-Cigarettes are made of multiple components that work together to produce vapor, but this doesn’t mean that their design is complicated, E-Cigarettes are quite simple and it takes only a little bit of practice before you’re able to start customizing your device. Many advanced vapers love customizing their device not only because it lets them add a personal touch to their device, but also because it lets them enhance their device’s performance and vapor production.

One of the most advanced kinds of E-Cigarette modifications includes meddling with the device’s power source, E-Cigarettes are either equipped with a box mod or a regulated mod which is better suited for beginners or by a mech mod that allows users more space for customization but aren’t as safe to use since they aren’t regulated. Both of these mods include a chargeable battery that is used to send power to an E-Cigarette’s heating coil to vaporize vape juice. However, both of them come with some differences. The most obvious being that box mods look bulkier since they have a casing around them, inside of this casing lies the battery along with a chip that is used to regulate the battery’s power output.

Since E-Cigarettes produce heat by creating electrical resistance, if their battery’s power output isn’t regulated then there’s a risk of the battery failing or the entire E-Cigarette becoming extensively damaged. Box mods come with the ability to regulate their flow of electricity, making them safer for use since you don’t have to worry about anything other than pressing down on the device’s button to produce heat. The drawback of box mods is that they don’t leave a lot of space for advanced customization, advanced vapers often make their own coils for their E-Cigarettes, and this can only be done if the device’s power supply does not come with a built-in limiter.

Mech mods work a lot like box mods, but they don’t have any chips to regulate the battery’s power output, allowing these mods to have a simpler build and making them more suitable for advanced E-Cigarette customization. Their simpler design also makes them sleeker and cheaper, their power output can be increased and decreased according to the user’s preference. The reason why more experienced vapers are attracted to mech mods is that they can create vaping builds that use more power to produce more heat, resulting in denser and more voluminous vapor clouds that look great.

The biggest drawback with mech mods is that unless you have extensive knowledge about your device’s working and power consumption, you run the risk of damaging your battery or even harming yourself with an unregulated battery. This is why mech mods aren’t suitable for beginner vapers, they also tend to be more fragile since they don’t have a robust encasing like box mods do.

In the end, it all comes down to preference, box mods are in no way inferior to mech mods, both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. In fact, many vapers don’t really feel the need to switch to mech mods until they reach a point where they start getting bored with normal vaping. If you’re a technical person who likes to fiddle with their devices and tweak them, then the complexity and flexibility of a mech mod can keep you happy, but if you’re only looking to enjoy vaping, then a box mod will serve you just fine.