How To Build Your Own Vape Mod

If you are a vaping enthusiast, then it is safe to say that you have thought to build your own vape mod. Mostly, these mods are available pre-built, but the hardcore enthusiasts are more prone towards creating their own.

There are a ton of guides available on the internet on how to create your own mod, mostly are in video format. Now the main issue with video format is that it is somewhat difficult to talk about all the things that one needs to have ready.

That is why I am writing down this guide to help you out in creating your own mechanical box mod. The tutorial is easy to follow, and all the necessary requirements are listed below.


Before you start the process, you are going to need some basic items that you will use in building the mod yourself. I am listing down all of the items below in bullet points to help you navigate easily.

  • A metal box according to your preference.
  • A 510 connector.
  • Two buttons, one with minimum 5A at 125v .4ohm and greater. The second button with DC 4v, 35amp.
  • Battery holder.
  • 14ga stranded copper wire, along with heat shrink or electrical tape.
  • Soldering iron.
  • Drill bits according to the button you choose, and the 510 connector.
  • LED and resistor if you want the status LED.

The Process To Build Your Own Vape Mod

Since the process is long, and spans over multiple steps, I have taken the liberty to number everything down for the ease of access.

  1. Start by drilling the holes in the box according to the buttons, the LED light, and the 510 connector.
  2. Next, take the battery holder, and remove the extra protruding bits from the bottom side. This is to make sure that when you put the battery holder inside the metal box, the metal bits do not conduct any unwanted electricity that could cause a short circuit.
  3. Now start placing everything in the box just to make sure that everything aligns with the holes perfectly, and also take measurements of the wire length you are going to need.
  4. Next, you have to take the wire and pre-tin them.
  5. Once the wires are pre-tinned, you are going to have to connect them to the right connections.
  6. Once the connections are made, check the entire ohm using the ohmmeter to ensure that there are no shorts going on in your connections.
  7. Now the next step is to plug in your battery and test out if all the circuits that you have just made are working fine.
  8. Once that is done, all you really have to do is to close down the box with all the screws that it came with.

That is it, you are done creating your mechanical box mod, you can use any juice with it you want as long as it fits on the connector of your choice. If you find any difficulties in this tutorial, feel free to let us know.