Can You Vape Water?

can you vape water
E-cigarettes have become quite popular ever since they first came out, they’ve provided people with a safer and healthier alternative to smoking tobacco and have helped many people get over their addictions. These cigarettes have become popular amongst non-smokers as well since they come with many smokeable flavours and the “smoke” that they produce is denser than cigarette smoke, allowing people to form rings and perform various tricks creatively, there’s even a competitive vaping championship now. Since E-cigarettes work by heating up liquid in them, a lot of people wonder that can you vape water instead of the standard E-cigarette liquid?

You’d be surprised by just how many people wonder if it’s okay to fill E-cigarettes with water, soda, juice and even honey, but before we can answer these questions let’s take a look at what standard vaping liquid is made of. Vaping liquid or vape juice comes in many flavours and has a thick gooey consistency, due to the presence of Propylene Glycol, a substance widely used in food additives and in medicines as well, it acts as a base carrier for the flavourings and nicotine in the liquid. Some vape juices use vegetable glycerine as an alternative to Propylene Glycol, there are also flavours which give vape juice its taste, and in most vape juices there’s also a small amount of nicotine.

Vape juices also have a small amount of water in them which helps with the juice’s consistency, all of these ingredients get heated inside an E-cigarette to the point where they turn into a vapour that is then inhaled.

Now to address the question that can you vape water or not? E-cigarettes heat liquid into a gaseous form which is then inhaled, pouring water inside an E-cigarette would mean that you would be vaping water vapour, also known as steam. So technically speaking water can be vaped, but there won’t be any point to it since the vapour would be tasteless and since steam has a very high temperature it could even burn your mouth. Adding water into your E-cigarette can be a good way of maintaining your device as the water vapour can clean it out and leave it free of any residue.

Overall, you can vape water but there’s no real reason to do it, and as for other substances such as soda, juices and honey you should keep them out of your E-cigarette unless you want to damage your device. It’s best to stick to traditional E-cigarette liquids if you want to ensure that your device keeps on functioning without running into trouble.