Best RDA For Flavor To Buy in 2017

E-Cigarettes have gained enormous popularity during the short period of time in which they’ve been out on the market, one of the biggest reasons behind their popularity is the fact that these devices make smoking much more fun with the limitless flavors in the market. The quality of the vapor that an E-Cigarette produces depends on how well is it able to vaporize vape juice, if you want to get the most out of your device then you can consider switching out its RDA. We’re going to take a look at some of the best RDA for flavor that are currently available in the market, these components of an E-Cigarette are responsible for converting liquid into vapor by heating it up, let’s take a look at some RDAs that can improve your vaping experience monumentally.

Top 25 RDA For Flavor Reviews

Velocity V2 RDA Review

velocity rda review
The Velocity V2 RDA is designed for people who take their vaping seriously, this RDA is a collaboration between Cisco and Dino Ferrari, both manufacturers combining their ideas to come up with an RDA that is capable of providing users with excellent airflow and countless coiling options. This RDA costs $80 and is designed to provide infinite airflow adjustments, it has a dual screw two post design that comes with two very long posts around which users can create coils in a variety of ways. All of this enables the RDA to provide users with intense heating builds with flavor chasers, making it suitable for even the most seasoned vapers who are looking to add something new to their vaping experience.

Wotofo Freakshow V2 RDA Review

freakshow rda review
Efficient heating and ample airflow are the two things that are most important in producing as much flavor as possible from an E-Cigarette, and the Wotofo Freakshow V2 RDA focuses on providing users with just that. Priced at $25, this RDA is designed to be versatile, it comes with a two post velocity style deck build that makes installing a variety of coils incredibly easy and offers two different airflow options, both of which can be switched at any time. It manages to keep all of its heat inside quite well and also has a drip-free design, its 11mm deep juice well keeps both wicks fully saturated without any juice coming too far up the RDA. This RDA is perfect for people who are looking for ease of use and versatility.

Aeolus Lite RDA Review

aeolus lite rda buy
Aeolus is known for providing users with superb airflow which greatly enhances their vaping experience, the Aeolus Lite RDA upholds the tradition and provides excellent top airflow which makes it a must have RDA. Along with great airflow, the Aeolus Lite RDA has a 4 post hole build, giving users a variety of options when it comes to coils, it incorporates design features from the V1 and the V2, resulting in a superb RDA that is loaded with the best features. This RDA is also quite affordable, costing a mere $16. Its connections are gold plated, which provide better conductivity and a noticeable performance boost, especially in devices that are unregulated. If you’re looking for a premium RDA at an affordable price, then the Aeolus Lite RDA is a prime choice.

GOLDIE: The Back 2 Basics RDA Killa Review

best RDA for flavor
One of the biggest problems with E-Cigarettes is that they aren’t the sturdiest devices out there, a lot of people end up damaging their RDAs and have to frequently have them replaced, fortunately, this is a problem that BMI understands, the company’s GOLDIE: The Back 2 Basics RDA Killa is an incredibly robust RDA that is designed to take a beating without losing its looks or its performance. Priced at $35, this RDA has a simple yet effective design, it provides superb airflow, and its 24k gold plated connections provide maximum conductivity at all times. The GOLDIE: The Back 2 Basics RDA Killa aims to please vapers who want flavor, maximum clouds, and great aesthetics.

DOG3 RDA Doge V3 RDA Review

doge rda v3
The Doge V2 and X V2 were incredibly popular RDAs since they provided excellent airflow and greatly enhanced vape flavor, and now the DOG3 RDA Doge V3 RDA has been released, combining all the features of its predecessors and providing users with one of the best vaping experiences so far. This RDA costs $20 and maximizes airflow by using thinner and fewer walls, it has a 10.5mm drip tip and an option to use either 3 or 4 posts, its thinner walls and integrated top cap allows for more building space, giving vapers the chance to customize their builds even further. It also does an excellent job at keeping its heat inside, and its nontoxic components prevent any harmful elements getting mixed into the vapor.

Hobo Customs Drifter RDA Review

All of the best RDAs in the market have one thing in common; the ability to suck in air, ample airflow helps produce more vapor, enhances taste and keeps the RDA from becoming too hot. The Hobo Customs Drifter RDA costs $75 and is manufactured by one of the most prestigious American RDA manufacturers out there, this RDA offers a lot that makes it worth buying, including a 4 post design and a 7mm deep juice well, but one of its best features are its 3D machined air slots. These air slots allow air to enter at a particular angle which significantly increases its pressure, allowing more air to run through the RDA, another great thing about this RDA is that even though it has a sizeable juice well, it’s extremely compact.

Kennedy RDA Review

Many E-Cigarettes tend to start dripping vape juice, this not only creates a mess and wastes your precious liquid but also ruins the flavor and quantity of the vapor. The Kennedy RDA is designed to address this problem specifically, the RDA costs $100 and has airflow that runs from under the deck, eliminating any chance of drips occurring, you won’t have to make any adjustments to airflow slots on the top cap either. Its juice well is also extra deep to further minimize the chances of drips occurring, this RDA also has a 4 slot design that is capable of accommodating up to 20 gauge builds. Each post is screwed in with Philips head screws, giving users the options to reduce the number of posts as desired.

Wismec Indestructible RDA Review

wismec indestructible atty rda
Another superb RDA with amazing airflow, the Wismec Indestructible RDA is designed to keep airflow adjustments as simple as possible, the RDA has a one of a kind top cap design which lets users adjust airflow with a simple turn of the cap. This RDA costs a mere $15 and is made of high-quality stainless steel which not only makes it look good but also allows it to take quite a beating. Its extra deep juice well prevents leakages, and its ample airflow ensures that users can enjoy denser vapor that carries more flavor.

Buddha Z V2 Review

The Buddha Z V2 takes airflow to the next level by offering users a huge 21 air holes on its sides that keep the RDA cool and loaded with air at all times, its stainless steel body is durable and has a beautiful traditional RDA look to it. This RDA costs $45 and has an extra-large juice well, 3 posts that allow for various coil setups and even has a square peek/post insulator to keep the RDA from getting too hot. Other than the 21 air holes on its side, this RDA also has 4 air holes at the top which are drilled at a 45-degree angle to enhance air intake further. The Buddha Z V2 takes airflow very seriously, ensuring great flavor and dense vapor with every puff.

Mutation X V5 RDA Review

Yet another RDA that gives great importance to airflow, the Mutation X V5 RDA costs $27 and has 18 holes on its sides, all of its air holes are placed in a diamond pattern to not only enhance the RDA’s aesthetics but also to improve air intake. The air holes are also of varying sizes, and it also includes an additional 2 air holes on top of the RDA, totaling to 20 strategically placed air holes. This RDA has a pretty spacious deck, an insulated square and a deep juice well as well, its tri-pole design makes it suitable for single and dual coil configurations. This RDA is more than capable of producing extra-large clouds that are brimming with flavor.

Goon RDA Review

The next RDA on our list is designed to make modifying your vape build as easy as possible, the Goon RDA costs $56 and has a unique bridge clamp designed deck that gives it the capacity to house almost any kind of build. The RDA has an extra deep well to prevent any dripping and also has an adequate number of air holes for decent airflow, its interior is gold plated for better conductivity as well. With the Goon RDA in your build, you can focus on making the most performance orientated RDA build that overloads you with flavor and dense vapor without having to worry about leaks or size limitations.

Wotofo Sapor Authentic RDA Review

We’ve already covered an RDA from Wotofo, and now it’s time to take a look at another superb product from them, the Wotofo Sapor Authentic RDA is a sleek and minimalistic looking RDA that combines versatility, ease of use and efficiency to provide users with an incredibly satisfying vaping experience. This RDA has plenty of air holes that are designed to produce a maximum amount of turbulence inside of it when being used, its stainless steel body adds to its durability factor. This RDA has a 6mm deep well to prevent dripping, and its posts are designed to install and change coils incredibly easy, and one of the best things about this RDA is that it’s highly customizable, you get a number of parts along with the Wotofo Sapor Authentic RDA that can be used to customize the RDA to suit your liking, all of which you can get for a mere $15.

Recoil Performance RDA Review

recoil performance rda review
If you’re looking for a high-quality RDA that is designed to make modification as simple as possible then the Recoil Performance RDA is an excellent choice, costing around $55, this RDA is built by Grimm Green and Ohm Boy, both manufacturers combine their ideas to provide users with an RDA that focuses on being user friendly and produce as much flavor as possible. It has 3 posts that are positioned in a manner which makes interacting with them incredibly easy, their positioning also ensures that the coil is placed in a way that produces maximum draw. This RDA also has air holes in the side that work with the coil to create incredibly rich flavors.

Tsunami RDA Review

tsunami rda price
This RDA makes use of the Kennedy style airflow system to provide ample flavor at all times, it has two air slots at the bottom of its deck, the deck is designed to house a large variety of builds. The Tsunami RDA costs $27 and comes with 3 drip tips to provide users with variety, it even comes with an additional 510 adapter which swapped with what the RDA already has installed. The biggest plus point of the Tsunami RDA is that it’s customizable, users can tailor it to meet their needs and provide them with just the right amount of flavor and vapor.

Tugboat V2 Review

The Tugboat V2 costs $40 and looks really appealing because it has a body made of metal from top to bottom, the top cap is made of stainless steel, and the lower body is made of aluminum. It features a 3 post design that makes it compatible with single and dual coil builds, it also has dual air holes for optimum airflow, both of these holes are extra-large and help the RDA produce denser and more flavorful clouds. The Tugboat V2 also has an extra-deep juice well to prevent any dripping, resulting in a clean and satisfactory vaping experience.

Ehpro Billow V2 Nano RTA Tank Atomizer Review

billow v2 review
So far all we’ve looked at are RDAs that house an E-Cigarettes coil and provide airflow, the Ehpro Billow V2 Nano RTA Tank Atomizer takes things to the next level by combining the e-liquid carrier and the RDA component. The V2 version is designed to be small and compact, costing around $33 it features an oil reserve tank and freestyle oil dripping as well, this component has a heat resistant glass tube and air holes on the sides to provide ample airflow, and its peek is insulated. The biggest plus of the Ehpro Billow V2 Nano RTA Tank Atomizer is that you don’t have to dump your precious oil when you wish to change your coil.

Wotofo The Troll V2 RDA Review

wotofo troll v2 review
Wotofo manages to produce some great products that provide users with a superb combination of performance and ease of use, the Wotofo The Troll V2 RDA is another great RDA from the company that keeps things simple yet satisfactory. This RDA costs $27 and has a two post design, it also provides a decent solution for airflow and has a pretty deep juice well of 10mm. The most eye-catching feature about this RDA is the fact that it has the well-known and well-loved “troll face” meme engraved on it, so if you’re a fan of memes, then you’re bound to like this RDA.

Praxis Derringer RDA Review

If you’re looking for a compact RDA that doesn’t compromise on performance then the Praxis Derringer RDA is the best choice out there, at $70, this RDA is by far the smallest one on the market that provides users with a great balance of flavor and performance. The 17mm tall RDA has a single steel post with a slotted post hole that provides users with single and dual coil options. The RDA also provides an excellent solution for airflow, it has a unique inner airflow ring and cyclops style holes in the top cap, all of which combine to provide ample air to the RDA. Its removable ring also keeps leakages to a minimum, making the Praxis Derringer RDA an incredibly likable RDA.

CCI Archon RDA Review

archon rda review
RDAs that let you have a direct control over the amount of air you want passing through them always provide a satisfactory experience, the CCI Archon RDA costs around $20 and has 8 side air holes, 4 per side, all of which are positioned in a manner that lets you decide how many you want to be opened and how many you want to keep closed with the help of a step-down AFC. It also comes with peek top insulators, a deep juice well and has posts that are shaped hexagonally to prevent them from loosening over time. It also has an extra wide bore drip tip along with a standard 510 adapter.

Twisted Messes RDA Review

Some RDAs are built for providing the user with a satisfactory vaping experience, and then there are RDAs that are designed for avid vapers who want to create the most intense vaping builds out there. If you fall in the latter then the Twisted Messes RDA is just for you, this $45 RDA has 4 large posts to accommodate heavy duty single or dual coils, its juice well is 6mm deep, and its connections are silver plated for better conductivity. The RDA comes with three different drip tips, extra peek insulators and more that let you customize it to your needs.

Smok TFV4 Tank Review

RDAs with extra juice capacity are always nice since you can use them for longer before having to refill them, and they also don’t require to be emptied out when you wish to interact with the coil. The Smok TFV4 Tank is priced at $38 and is made specifically to provide vapers with a unique and fulfilling experience, it features two of Smok’s patented sub-ohm coils, one having quadruple coil head and the other having triple coil head, and it also has two different types of RBA heads. Along with the Smok TFV4 Tank, you also get spare parts and equipment that you need to keep your RDA maintained.

Syntheticcloud Aeolus Lite RDA Review

aeolus lite rda buy
The Aeolus V2 and V2 Pro became quite popular due to their superb airflow and great looks, the Syntheticcloud Aeolus Lite RDA now combines both of their features to provide users with an RDA that produces great clouds and rich flavors. The Syntheticcloud Aeolus Lite RDA also adds vertical air holes to the previous design to further enhance airflow, this design also eliminates the chances of spit backs and leaks, making the Aeolus Lite an RDA that is definitely worth trying out.

Authentic Dark Horse RDA Review

We’ve taken a look at plenty of RDAs that are generously covered in air holes, but more air holes doesn’t necessarily equate to better vaping for everyone, this is something that the Authentic Dark Horse RDA realizes, and in order to make airflow more practical it provides users with 16 different airflow presets that can be set using its stock AFC ring. The RDA costs $80 and is compatible with single and dual coil builds, its connections are gold plated to provide better conductivity and power efficiency. This RDA is a superb choice for people who want a versatile and highly customizable RDA.

VaporFi Venom RDA Review

The VaporFi Venom RDA costs $30 and has everything that you would expect to find in a powerful, high-quality RDA, it has a large deck with dual posts that are compatible with a variety of coil configurations and a large adjustable airflow ring that lets users decide how much air they want to let in. What makes the VaporFi Venom RDA unique is the fact that it can change its color, by default the VaporFi Venom RDA has a plain black body but when used with over 80 Watts half of the RDA becomes white, revealing the manufacturer’s logo and overall making the RDA look incredibly amazing.

Aspire Cleito Tank Kit Review

aspire cleito price
A simple and stylish RDA, the Aspire Cleito Tank Kit costs a mere $12 and provides you with a large number of items to use and maintain your Aspire Cleito RDA. The RDA itself has an easy top filling mechanism and a 3.5ml capacity tank, you also get a spare capacity tank and two coils as well. Overall, the Aspire Cleito Tank Kit is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a decent RDA with plenty of capacity and a practical design which makes it easy to use. It also does an adequate job at producing a dense vapor that packs plenty of taste.