A Guide to The Different Types of Vape Mods

Vaping took the world by storm when it first came out and ever since then, there has been a surge of progress and advancement in the technology used for making E-cigarettes (aka Vape devices). Vaping has come a really long way, and nowadays anyone who is looking to vape has a sea of options to choose from in the form of flavors, E-cigarette design, power, intensity, and mods. Mods have become a big part of the vaping world because they allow vapers to fine tune and enhance their E-cigarettes in order make their vaping experience as personalized as possible.

The problem with mods is that there are just way too many out there, old and new vapers face a lot of trouble when they first delve into fiddling with their vape device mod, however this does not mean that vape mods are painfully technical, once you get the hang of figuring them out, it can actually become quite enjoyable, so let’s start taking a look at vape mods; how they work and what pros can cons various mods have to offer.

To understand vape mods, we must first categorize E-cigarettes based on their working mechanisms, the broadest way of classifying vape devices is by looking at their electrical design. E-cigarettes can either have a regulated electrical working or an unregulated one, each of which has its own specific features that determine what your vaping experience will be like.

Regulated Vape Device

Regulated vape devices come with a kind of microchip installed in them that significantly expands on the features that the vaping device has to offer, the chip lets the vaping device display a variety of information on an LCD screen. It also allows users to enjoy features such as temperature control, variable wattage, memory, bypass mode and a lot more, all of which makes one’s vaping fun and more versatile.

One of the most important things about regulated vape devices is they come equipped with a plethora of safety features that minimises the chance of vapers harming themselves while using the device. A regulated vape device keeps a check on battery charge, prevents temperatures from going too high and also offers short circuit protection. Basically, regulated vape devices take care of all the technicalities of vaping and allow the vaper to vape in peace.

Unregulated Vape Device

Unregulated vape devices, also referred to as mechanical mods, unlike regulated vape devices they do not have any kind of chip controlling them, making them quite lacking in features and less safe to use as well. However, a lack of regulation also lets these vape devices provide a much more powerful vaping experience since the device will put all of its battery power in every drag that you take. Regulated vape devices offer power depending on how much battery is left, for example, an 80 wattage regulated vape device would start off with giving you 80W per drag, but as the battery goes down so will the wattage, when the battery is at half it will only give 40W per drag. An 80W unregulated vape device would start off with 80W per drag and maintain that wattage until the very end.

While this makes them really powerful, a lack of regulation means that mechanical vape devices should only be used by experienced vapers who know a lot about battery safety and vape control, a person who does not know what they are doing while using a mechanical vape device can easily harm themselves and their equipment.

If you want to try your hand at unregulated vaping but are unsure about switching over, then you can go for a vaping device that comes in between the two. There are devices in the market that provide all the safety features of a regulated vape device, but without any battery regulation, they will not offer the same experience as an unregulated vape device, but they can give you a good idea of what to expect.

Mod Shapes

Vape device mods come in two main shapes; cylindrical and rectangular, once you have figured out whether you are going for an unregulated mod or a regulated one, you have to decide on what shape do you want your mod to be. The easiest way to figure this out is by determining why you want to get a vaping device in the first place, are you looking to get rid of your smoking habit or do you simply want a vaping device for fun? Knowing your exact vaping needs will make picking the right type of mod a whole lot easier for you.

Cylindrical vape device mods have a ton of different names, the same goes for rectangular mods as well, this is due to the fact that there is no set standard for naming vape devices so far, and thus; manufacturers and consumers have taken it onto themselves to title vape devices resulting in shopping for mods becoming really confusing.

Types of Cylindrical Vape Devices

Along with having a plethora of names, cylindrical mods also have some different types as well, the basic design for every mod being the same with an addition of modifications here and there. One common kind of cylindrical vape device is an eGo Pen; a simple to use vape device that is often preferred by smokers who start vaping to cull their addiction, this vape device is a great place to start for someone who has little to no idea about how vaping works.

eGo Pens

eGo Pens are inexpensive and really easy to use, they come with the tank, battery and charging cable all in a bundle and are known for being durable. Their portability, affordability, and ease of use make a pretty sweet combination. However one can get bored of these vape devices pretty quickly since they have insufficient features, low battery life and small tanks that require frequent refilling, not to forget that they cannot handle high VG liquids.

Tank And Battery

eGo Pens have tanks of 1ml to 2.5ml at best, and their batteries do not go above 1300mAh, meaning lesser juice and lesser vapor, since these devices come in a kit, their tanks are designed according to their battery, meaning that you cannot switch to another tank in a complication free manner. Also, the individual parts of the eGo Pen are not named, which can make showing off a little hard for some people.

Performance, Price, And Size

Pen vape devices perform way better than E-cigarettes since they have more power and are able to produce more potent vapor, you can find eGo Pens for about $15 to $30, the higher your budget, the better the pen that you will be able to get.

As for size, eGo Pens are no larger than your average permanent marker, meaning that you can carry them with you wherever you go, some models are a bit thicker if they have larger tanks and batteries but that has next to no effect on their portability. For people who want to quit smoking or upgrade from an E-cigarette, eGo Pens are a good option, think of them as the missing link between proper vape mods and E-cigarettes.

Intermediate Pens

Intermediate pens are where vape mods actually get defined in cylindrical vape devices, they take the portability of eGo Pens and add value to it by bringing in more features, versatility, power, and customisability. Unlike eGo Pens, you can attach a lot of different kinds of tanks on top of the battery, giving you the option to customise air intake, liquid volume and other factors that determine the quality and quantity of vapor that the device can produce.

Intermediate vape pens also have far more battery to offer, can work with any kind of e-liquid, they also come with features such as variable wattage control and more. The downside to intermediate pens is that they are not as portable as eGo Pens and can be more expensive. Also, they will not have as many features as a rectangular mod would.

Tank And Battery

Compared to eGo pen tanks, intermediate pens have far better tanks in terms of everything, they are designed with performance in mind and produce much more flavor than eGo tanks. They can hold up to 6ml of e-liquid, there are also models that hold lesser amounts if you favor portability.

Intermediate pens also have larger batteries that offer more power and have longer lifespans as well, they can easily give you three times as much power than a standard eGo Pen would.

Performance, Price, and Size

In terms of performance, intermediate pens take home the trophy in every category when put against eGo Pens, they do a great job at providing quality vapor production and nicotine delivery, and most of all, they offer excellent performance with consistency. Consistency is a major factor for people who are looking to quit smoking since they need a reliable source of nicotine to keep their addiction in check.

Since these vape devices are so versatile and designed with customisability kept in mind, their price range can also vary considerably, the basic price for getting an intermediate vape pen starts at a mid-level and then it can go higher and higher depending on what accessories you buy for your vape device.

The same goes for size as well, intermediate pens are roughly the same size as a permanent marker, but the higher you go in the price range, the beefier they get, but even the biggest vape pens are portable when compared to rectangular mods.

Keep in mind that some of the top tier vape pens can cost as much as $70, which is about the same price in which you can buy a decent rectangular mod.

Overall, intermediate pens are great for people who are looking to quit smoking or want to get a taste of what proper vaping feels like, their ease of use and variety of features make them a great place to begin. However, if your budget goes above $50 then you can just consider buying a rectangular mod instead of a cylindrical one, it will give you more features, more power and more functionality at the same price range, but if your biggest motivation behind getting a vaping device is to quit smoking, then you are better off with a quality vape pen.

Rectangular Mods

Rectangular vape mods (more commonly known as box mods) are made for those people who want to make the most out of their vaping experience, they are designed to provide a significant amount of power, a multitude of features and a considerable amount of control over your vaping experience.

A simple way of differentiating box mods from pen mods is to think of pen mods as devices that help you get rid of your smoking addiction and box mods as devices that keep you from returning to smoking cigarettes once you have gotten rid of the habit. The number and types of differences between the two mods result in both providing vapers with very specific vaping experiences.

One of the most apparent differences between the two is the difficultly levels, pen mods are simple enough to be usable by almost anyone, whereas box mods have a much steeper learning curve and are fussier as well. A novice vaper or someone who just wants to quit smoking might be pushed away from vaping if they begin their experience with a box mod, however, if you’re going to be a vaping master then all the extra effort and technicalities that come along with box mods will turn into use once you begin to understand these mods.


Some pros of box mods are that their vapor production is superb, even the lightest drags are brimming with quality flavor, they also have really beefy batteries that enable them to provide loads of power for an extended period of time. Box mods also offer loads of features that let you control your device’s temperature, vapor production, wattage and much more, meaning that you have more ways of personalizing your vaping experience.

Box mods are also way more modular, you get to choose from a lot of different tanks, and even the batteries can be changed or replaced in various models.


The downside of all this customisability and feature-rich design is that box mods are significantly more bulky, making them harder to carry with you all the time, they are also much more expensive, and the loads of features can make getting a hang of the mod a bit tricky.


The only thing standard about box mod tanks is the connection (which is a 510 connection), everything else is entirely up to you, which is what makes box mod vape devices so fun to use. The vape market caters to this by providing customers with an endless variety of tanks with an infinite amount of features, you can fit medium sized tanks that let you chase flavor or go for big brand tanks that are designed for people who want to puff out tons of clouds.

As long as your box mod can handle the wattage range of your tank, you can produce plumes of vapour, just keep in mind that you do not accidentally buy a tank that your mod cannot power entirely, this might lead to your vape device not working correctly and as a result you will not be able to make the most out of your vape experience.


Unlike other mods, box mods come with removable batteries that you can charge either by taking them out of the mod or through a USB charging cable, this makes box mod vape devices a lot more practical. You can buy two sets of batteries and never have to deal with downtime when one pair of batteries die out, just swap them with the other one and you are good to go.

The most powerful batteries that you can find in the market are the 18650, batteries that pack enough juice to power mods that can have an output of up to 350W(yes, mods this powerful do exist). However, there is a pretty good chance that you will not ever vape that high.

Remember, the higher the wattage of your box mod, the more powerful batteries you will need.

Size And Price

Box mods are bulky, but not all of them, they come in different sizes, and the size of a mod dictates on important factor; the battery life. The more battery a box mod has, the bigger it gets, however, there are mods out there that provide a decent balance of size and battery life by using a single 18650 battery.

Just to get things into perspective and help you understand just how powerful box mods can get; there are mods out there that use up to four 18650 batteries at the same time.

You can also go for models with internal batteries if you want to cut down on size by a fraction. However, it is better to stick with external batteries since they provide you with greater customizability options.

The price usually depends on the brand name and the build quality of the mod, box mods with high-end chipsets can easily cost more than a $100, you can also find decent mid-level mods for as low as $30. If you are looking for something that packs power, has all the features that you need for a satisfying vape experience without any unnecessary fancy features then you can easily find an excellent device for around $60 to $100.


Measuring box mod performance can be tricky since most box mods are sold without tanks (unless you go for a bundle), there are a lot of factors that come together to determine a box mod’s performance level, the most reliable one being the price. The more you are willing to pay the better quality you will get, and keep in mind that just because box mods are known for beating pen mods by a margin, it does not mean that any box mod can beat any vape pen. For instance, you cannot expect a $30 box mod to out vape a $50 pen mod.

Overall, box mods usually outperform pen mods in two ways; features and power. A box mod provides the manufacturer with much more space to work in, meaning that they can use bigger batteries, more powerful electrical components and add chipsets that offer vapers with more functions and features. One of the factors that give box mods a clear advantage over pen mods is their chipsets which let them perform with greater consistency.

Manufacturers can also get a lot more creative with box mods thanks to all the extra space, for example, some box mods support reverse charging and can act as power banks for charging smartphones.

Feature such as variable wattage control and temperature control are pretty much a must-have in many box mods, some of the latest models even offer automated variable wattage controls that one can set to change wattage after every half a second or so. Such features make vaping feel a lot more fun and let vapers get really creative with how they vape.

More space also means that there is more room for designing, box mods can look pretty fancy, some models are designed to fit their tank inside of the body, resulting in a very sleek and minimal look. The amount of features is just too tremendous when it comes to box mods, you just need to look in the right place, and you are bound to find a mod that will feel like as if it was made only for you.

The Winning Factor

The one thing that vape pens can never do is provide vapers with enough variety to keep them from getting bored, the sheer amount of versatility and customisability that a box mod has to offer is, for many, the apparent winning factor. A smoker who started vaping to get rid of cigarettes might get bored of a vape pen and go back to smoking after a while, but if they move onto a box mod or start with one instead, then they are going to have so many options to try that they will stay busy with vaping for quite some time.

Many people take in vaping as a hobby since it has so much to offer, when you get bored of one flavour, try a new one or come up with your own blend, switch out your tank to spice things up and learn cool vaping tricks, these are only some of the things that one can do once they delve into the world of vaping.

The bottom line is that box mods allow people to experience vaping in its purest form, but if you are a beginner, then you should start off with an intermediate pen instead, especially if you started vaping to quit smoking. The complexity of box mods can easily cause frustration and entirely ruin one’s vaping experience.

However, if you begin vaping with the sole purpose of mastering every technique and becoming a master vaper, then, by all means, start out with a box mod and start your journey into the world of vaping.


This guide has covered three types of vaping devices that are recommendable to anyone who wants to vape, just keep in mind that mechanical mods (unregulated mods) are not suitable for beginners since they do not come with safety features. Without proper knowledge of how vape devices work, one can easily damage their equipment or harm themselves when using a mechanical mod.

Regulated devices have a plethora of features to offer, and you can use them knowing that you do not have to worry about battery explosions, short circuits, and extremely high temperatures. Some great regulated mods are:

eGo Pens that are a superb choice for people who want to quit smoking and/or are looking for a cheap and easy vaping experience. If you want to get a taste of what vaping feels like, then eGo Pens can help you decide whether vaping is for you or not.

Intermediate Pen Mods are also great for smokers, and they are not expensive either. However, they provide users with a much more fulfilling vaping experience and are a great place to start your vaping journey.

Box Mods are where vaping goes to the next level, they have a near endless amount of features to offer, a plethora of customisation options along with power and great batteries that equal to excellent vapor production. They can also be an excellent choice for people who want to keep on staying tobacco-free.